5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth


Planning a wedding? Just came from a wedding? I know a lot of brides debate over having a photo booth at their reception.
I can tell you right now – you won’t regret it!
Photo booth is the apotheosis of reception fun these days, and frankly, it’s easy to see why.
1. Reception fun.
Bride’s stunning gown and veil may not be the main course, but it’s what people talk about most and remember.
Wedding photo booth is kind of the same thing.
Sure the bride and groom are the stars of the occasion, but as anyone who ever stood in inside the photo booth knows, when the button is pressed all you really want to do is strike a funny pose for the photo booth strip.
This is what our photo booth does: they make stars out of the every guest at the wedding reception.
And the results were brilliant.
2. Ambiance must–have!
Ambiance is the key to the perfect reception. It defines how the evening will go, what your guests will experience and, most importantly, it showcases your personalities. One of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to add ambiance is through lighting.
Led with our signature beauty-lighting our photo booth will guarantee the WOW factor. Photo booth is a must-have wedding reception accessory!
Garden State Photo Booth uses pro lighting, DSLR cameras and Dye-sub printers to give you a professional result and are able to upload your photos to Facebook or email so you and your guests can share them again, again and again.
3. Quality.
The quality of our photo booth strips is beyond debate.
We don’t like to keep you waiting. Super fast and amazing photos are printed as quickly as your guests can take them.
You’ll have an archive quality print outs faster than you can say cheese with a variety of options that include custom colors and personalized details.
4. No enclosure.
We love the traditional photo booths, but wanted to make things more fun. So we created the open frame photo booth!
Instead of hiding behind a curtain the our photo booth encourages your guests to observe and participate.
We bring hours of entertainment to your wedding reception with white petals backdrop photo booth!
5. Scrapbook.
Our photo booth scrapbook gives you something to cherish for years to come. This is a complete replacement for your traditional, standard guest book.
By the end of the celebration you’ll have a luxury book filled with funny photos and wonderful notes from your guests to take home.