Coffee Table Book

Photo booths are great when you have an event. They can really capture the moment and give you something fun to remember the event forever. For many, they want to frame all the pictures that were taken from the photo booth, which simply is not feasible. This is why many people are choosing to go with a coffee table photo book. Here’s what you should know about these.

What are They?

These are professional books created to look like any other book you may keep on your coffee table. Inside though the pictures are from your event. In some cases you can even add captions to the pages to help give it a more personalized touch.

How are They are Different From a Photo Album?

Some people think they can just have the pictures printed and put them into a photo album. While that can work, you will have a better finished project when you go with a photo book. Even though you cannot take the pictures out of the photo book, it is still a great choice as your pictures will be part of book like a professionally published book with pictures in it.

Having these pictures in a book is an excellent way to have them in a location where you can always see them. It can be the centerpiece on your coffee table and will allow you to look at the pictures whenever you want. Also, unlike a photo album you will never have to worry about the pictures falling out of the photo book.

All your photo booth images will be saved in your coffee table 12×9 book of 20 pages and photo cover.