It’s time to celebrate…

Celebrate holiday corporate events photo booth unlimited prints

Celebrate holiday corporate events photo booth unlimited prints

Holiday corporate events are usually a time to mingle with fellow co-workers at a personal level but that does not mean that it cannot be fun. Getting our photo booth may mean better photos, but also a photo booth means that everyone can have fun and take tacky photos with rabbit ears behind their heads and their tongues out which is what they want to do during an office party. It is a time to let loose and be free. Our photo booths guarantee fun at your office party! One of the few days you will see your co-workers ditch their serious faces and see how bad dancers they are.

Our photo booths are stocked with enough paper to deliver unlimited photo booth strips for a normal sized office staff. The paper will not run out and the photo booth can be a place to go to throughout the evening. Office parties should be as memorable as any other part of office success.

Photo booths will stay in one place and anyone can use it at their discretion. Studio photo booth attendant will install it and take it down leaving you to enjoy your party.

Photo booths are the future and you should take advantage now!